Dear Us America

we are more than humming numbers on file,
more than debit and credit,
and coupon and sale

I hope

we are Sundaymorningsoft sunshine
long ponderosa pineshadow
monochromatic winter evenings of complex blue shades
fresh snow mixed with wood smoke and creosote

We are more than
squabbling politicians and taxes
healthcare and education reform
video games and cellphone chats
and stock market portfolios

I hope

we are long footsore hours in soup kitchens
aching-backed movers of pianos and couches
holders of doors, keepers of secrets, helpers of dreams
givers of our last $100.00 bills

We are more than
fistfights over football teams
wal-mart bags in mountain streams
neglected children and aluminum cans
fence-building squatters in the promised land

the citizen poet

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